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Stanley Fujitaki – Longest Craps Roll in Las Vegas (118 Rolls)

Stanley Fujitake, Longest Las Vegas Craps Roll


Stanley Fujitake is a legendary Craps player who is widely regarded as one of the greatest dice controllers of all time. Fujitake gained fame in the 1980s for his impressive winning streaks at the California Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. He was known for his unique dice-throwing technique, which involved holding the dice for an extended period of time and releasing them with a specific spin and trajectory to achieve the desired outcome.
Fujitake’s success at the Craps table was not just a matter of luck; he spent countless hours practicing and perfecting his dice-control technique, and he was known for his disciplined and focused approach to the game. His winning streaks at the California Hotel and Casino were legendary, and he became a hero to many Craps players who admired his skill and dedication.
Today, Fujitake’s legacy lives on in the Craps community, where he is remembered as a true master of the game and an inspiration to all who seek to improve their skills and achieve success at the casino.

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